The Institute OF Nursing Education aim to be recognised as a leading model institution offering excellence in quality of Nursing Education to promote research activities and nurture students with Knowledge, Skills & Attitude essential to make them caring, concerned, compassionate, competent professional nurses, sensitive to their social responsibilities and environment, intellectually enlightened, morally upright, emotionally balanced and socially committed health care professionals enabling them to provide Evidence Based Quality Health Care to the society at large.


Our mission is to improve the health through world-class excellence in:

To set the benchmark in Quality Nursing Education.

Patient Care:
Ensuring evidence-based, equity-driven quality Nursing care.

To inculcate research attitude in students and teachers in creating and translating the body of knowledge to improve health status and Health services at individual, Family & Community Level.

To develop as a center of excellence in nursing education and research with innovation techno savvy innovation strategy

Core Values

1. Professionalism
2. Discipline
3. Transference
4. Accountability
5. Dedication
6. Human Dignity
7. Integrity
8. Social Justice
9. Altruism