Head of Department
: Ms Jyoti Perke
Clinical Instructor
: Ms. Rupali Parkar

Mental Health (Psychiatric) Nursing department aim to impart Nursing professionals possessing, Knowledge and skills to prepare the competent Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners. The Department of Mental Health Nursing is Enthusiastic to provide quality education to students in Graduation and Post-graduation level, under the supervision of excellent Faculty. Department has promise to facilitate professional and personal growth in the student.

  1. To impart the knowledge and skills of Mental Health Nursing at all the level.
  2. To incorporate evidence based Nursing practice and promote area of research in the field of Mental Health Nursing.
  3. To integrate teaching and awareness programme to eradicate social stigma of Mental illness.
  1. Clinical Experience in Mental Health (Psychiatric) field.
  2. Field visits to provide information & experience in various Mental Health Rehabilitation Centers.
  3. To celebrate the World Mental Health Weeks, days in relation to mental health promotion.
  4. Mental Health awareness programme [Health Education, Health Exhibition, Psycho Drama) in Community.
  5. Active participation in various competitions in relation to promotion to Mental Health.
  6. Promote to organize & attend various Workshop/ Conferences in Mental Health (Psychiatric) Nursing.
  7. Promoting, Holistic & alternative Therapies to Promote Mental Health and rehab the mentally ill.