1. The aim of the undergraduate nursing program at the post basic level is to upgrade the diploma (GNM) nurses to assume responsibilities as professional, competent nurses and midwives at basic level in providing promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services.
  2. Make independent decisions in nursing situations, protect the rights of and facilitate individuals and groups in pursuit of health, function in the hospital, community nursing services, and conduct research studies in the areas of nursing practice. They are also expected to assume the role of teacher, supervisor, manager in a clinical/public health setting.

On completion of B.Sc. Nursing (Post-Basic) degree programme the graduates will be able to:

  1. Assess health status, identify nursing needs, plan, implement and evaluate nursing care for patients / clients that contribute to health of individuals, families and communities.
  2. Demonstrate competency in techniques of nursing based on concepts and principles from selected areas of nursing, physical, biological and behavioral sciences.
  3. Participate as members of health team in the promotive, preventive, curative and restorative health care delivery system of the country.
  4. Demonstrate skills in communication and interpersonal relationship.
  5. Demonstrate leadership qualities and decision-making abilities in various situations.
  6. Demonstrate skills in teaching to individuals and groups in community health settings.
  7. Demonstrate managerial skills in community health settings.
  8. Practice ethical values in their personal and professional life.
  9. Participate in research activities and utilize research findings in improving nursing practice.
  10. Recognize the need for continued learning for their personal and professional development
Admission Procedure

The selection process is merely on the basis of merit and reservation criteria laid down by the Govt. of Maharashtra. Admissions procedure is conducted every year. Application forms & Information Brochures are made available at the time of admission.

  1. Eligibility Criteria: –
  1. Candidate must be an Indian National.
  2. Candidate must be Domicile of State of Maharashtra.
  3. Age Limit is 40 Years for open category & 45 years for reserved category.
  4. Candidates must have passed G.N.M. Nursing examination from recognized institute by Maharashtra Nursing Council and Indian Nursing Council.
  5. Candidate should have M.N.C. Registration Certificate with recent renewal.
  6. The candidate must have passed the Secondary School Certificate and Higher Secondary Certificate or equivalent examination from an Institute situated in the state of Maharashtra.
  7. If the candidate have passed the Secondary School Certificate and Higher Secondary Certificate or equivalent examination from an Institute situated out  of  Maharashtra,  should submit Domical certificate of Maharashtra state.
  8. The candidate must be medically fit.
  1. For Government In-service Candidates
  1. The candidates working in Government service should submit his/her application through proper channel.
  2. Candidate should obtain ‘No Objection Certificate’ from their respective Authority.
  3. The In-service candidate must have completed 5 years service.
  4. The candidates serving under DMER/DHS who are selected for the Post Basic BScNursing have to submit 5 Years Service Bond affidavit to the Govt. at the time of Admission.
  5. The liability for sanctioning study leave will rest with the Maharashtra State Government only.
  1. Constitutional Reservation:
  • Constitutional Reservations as per the Constitution of India
  1. Candidates claiming admission in Reserve category will be required to submit the-
  1. Caste Certificate
  2. Caste Validity Certificate.
  3. Non Creamy Layer Certificate (if Application)
  1. a. Specified Reservation: Person with 40% disability (PWD)
    5% reservation for Person with disability (PWD) from the open category.
    b. As per Govt. G.R. Dated 2/4/2018, 1% seat is reserved for Orphan candidates from open category, candidates belongs to this category should submit the certificate from women &child Welfare department.
Selection Procedure

Candidates are selected as per merit on the basis of total marks obtained at first, second and third year GNM Examinations.

Academic Planning

1st Year

Sr. No. Subject Theory Hours Practical Hours Total Hours
1. Nursing Foundation 45 030 075
2. Nutrition & Dietetics 30 015 045
3. Biochemistry & Biophysics 60 060
4. Psychology 60 015 075
5. Maternal Nursing 60 240 300
6. Child Health Nursing 60 240 300
7. Microbiology 60 030 090
8. Medical & Surgical Nursing 90 270 270
9. English (Qualifying) 60 060
Total 525 840 1215

Note: Hindi/local language as per the need of the institution.

2nd Year

Sr. No. Subject Theory Hours Practical Hours Total Hours
10. Sociology 60 060
11. Community Health Nursing 60 240 300
12. Mental Health Nursing 60 240 300
13. Introduction to Nursing Education 60 075 135
14. Introduction to Nursing Administration 60 180 240
15. Introduction to Nursing Research & Statistics 45 120 165
Total 345 855 1200
Scheme Of Examination

1st Year

Paper Subject Duration Internal Assessment External Assessment Total Marks
1. Nursing Foundation 2 15 35 050
2. Nutrition & Dietetics 2 15 35 050
3. Biochemistry & Biophysics 3 25 75 100
4. Psychology 3 25 75 100
5. Microbiology 3 25 75 100
6. Maternal Nursing 3 25 75 100
7. Child Health Nursing 3 25 75 100
8. Medical & Surgical Nursing 3 25 75 100
9. * English (Qualifying) 100
College level qualifying exam, minimum passing Marks 33%.
1. Medical & Surgical Nursing 50 50 100
2. Child Health Nursing 50 50 100
3. Maternal Nursing 50 50 100

Note: * College level qualifying exam to appear in University Examination, minimum passing Marks 33%