Head of Department
: Ms. Sharmila Dake
Clinical Instructor

Medical surgical nursing is specialized department which deals with medical surgical problems of all systems in the body . This department assist the students in developing expertise & in depth knowledge in the field of Medical surgical nursing. It will help students to appreciate the patients as a holistic individual and develop skill to function  as a specialised Medical surgical nurse.

  1. Appreciate trends ,issues ,scope ,legal & ethical issues related to medical surgical nursing
  2. Explain relevant anatomy ,physiology etiology ,pathophysiology & manifestation of various disorders
  3. Perform physical & psychosocial assessment of medical surgical patients
  4. Describe various recent advancement in technologies & treatment modalities in the management of patient with medical surgical conditions
  5. Develop skill in giving comprehensive nursing care to patients
  6. Incorporate preventive ,curative & rehabilitative aspects while caring patients
  1. Human Thoracic heart dissection
  2. Participation in world heart day
  3. Bed side clinics
  4. Case presentations seminar
  5. Group discussions