Affiliate to Maharashtra State Board of Nursing & Paramedical Education (MSBPNE)


This course aims to prepare specialized nurses who will develop expertise and in-depth understanding in the field of pediatric nursing. Develop skill to render competent comprehensive care to the children in health and illness in the hospital and community set up. Also function as educator, manager in pediatric clinical set up.

  1. To understand the scope and concept of Pediatric nursing in the hospital and in the community setting to promote health of the children.
  2. Learn and understand the normal growth and development patterns of the child from conception to adolescence and methods of assessing growth and development.
  3. Acquire in-depth knowledge related to Pediatric Medical, Surgical problems including emergencies to render competent, holistic Nursing care to the children.
  4. Applies knowledge of basic sciences adequately while working with sick, healthy and handicapped children in the hospital and in the community setting.
Develop skills in
  • Communication and observation and identification of needs and health problems of the mothers and children
  • Planning and implementing nursing care to sick, handicapped and healthy children.
  • Evaluation and re-planning of nursing procedures and management of children’s having various health problems.
  • Planning and conducting incidental and planned health teaching to the children and their mothers.
  • Recognizing the role of the pediatric nurse in the management and rehabilitation of the handicapped child (i.e. physical, emotional and social) and is able to use the community resources effectively.
  • Pediatric nurse prepared to do small scale research studies in order to give effective care to pediatric population in hospital and community.
Admission Process

The selection process is merely on the basis of merit and reservation criteria laid down by the State Government of Maharashtra.

Sr. No. Name of Institute Sanction Seats
01. Institute of Nursing Education,
Sir J.J. Hospital campus, Byculla, Mumbai-8.
1) Eligibility Criteria
  • Candidate must be an Indian Nationality.
  • Candidate must be Domicile of State of Maharashtra.
  • Age Limit is 40 Years for open category & 45 Years for reserved category.
  • Candidates must have passed G.N.M. Nursing examination from Institution situated in Maharashtra State (Except Defense Services) and recognized by Maharashtra Nursing Council, Mumbai and recognized by Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi.
  • Candidate should have M.N.C. Registration Certificate with recent renewal.
  • The candidate must have passed the Secondary School Certificate and Higher Secondary Certificate or equivalent examination from an Institute situated in the state of Maharashtra.
  • The candidate must be medically fit.
2) For Government In-service Candidate
  • The candidates working in Government service should submit his/her application through proper channel. Application forms not submitted through proper channel will not be accepted.
  • He/she should obtain ‘No Objection Certificate’ from their respective Authority
  • The In-service candidate must have completed 5 years service.
  • The candidates serving under DMER/DHS who are selected for the Post Basic Diploma in Pediatric Nursing have to submit 5 Years Service Bond affidavit to the Govt. at the time of Admission.
  • As per MCS Leave Rule 1981, Rule 80 to 93 in-service candidates shall avail the study leave.
  • The liability for sanctioning study leave will rest with the Maharashtra State Government.
3) Constitutional Reservation
  1. Constitutional Reservation for Reserve candidate as Follows-
Sr. No. Categories Percentage
1. Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Caste converts to Buddhism (SC) 13.0 %
2. Scheduled Tribes (ST) 7.0 %
3. VimuktaJati ( VJ) 3.0 %
4. Nomadic Tribes ( NT-1) 2.5%
5. Nomadic Tribes ( NT-2 ) 3.5 %
6. Nomadic Tribes ( NT-3) 2.0 %
7. Other Backward Category (OBC) including SBC< 19.0%
  1. Candidates claiming admission in Reserve category will be required to submit the-
  • Caste Certificate
  • Caste Validity Certificate.
  • Non Creamy Layer Certificate (if Application) valid up to 31/03/2021
  1. a. Specified Reservation: Person with 40% disability (PWD) 5% reservation for person with disability (PWD) from the open category.
    b. for orphan submit certificate from women child welfare department
  1. as per Govt. G.R. Dated 2/4/2018 1% seat is reserved for Orphan candidates from open category, candidates belongs to this category should submit the certificate from women & child Welfare department.
4. Selection Process
  1. Merit List- Merit List will be prepared on the basis of marks obtained in GNM exam/B. Bsc. Nursing
  2. Tie Breakers:

In case of equal aggregate higher marks in GNM Examination then:

  1. First level: A candidate with aggregate higher marks in HSC (12th Standard) marks shall be preferred, if the tie still persists then:
  2. Second level: A candidate with aggregate higher marks in S.S.C. or equivalent Examination   shall   be preferred, if the tie still persists, then:
  3. Third level: An older candidate shall be preferred over a younger Candidate.

Provisional Merit list will be displayed at the office of Institute of Nursing Education, Mumbai-08.

  1. Duration of the course: – 11 months
  2. Syllabus Planning:
Activities Duration
Teaching theory and Clinical practice 43 weeks
Preparation for examination 1 week
Examination 1 week
Vacation and Public holidays 3 weeks
Total 48 Weeks
  1. Distribution of hours and subject: –
Sr. No. Subject Theory Practical
1. Clinical Nursing -I 80 hrs 275 hours
2 Clinical Nursing – II 175 hrs 680 hours
3 Teaching and unit planning 50 hrs 80 hours
4 Management and Supervision 50 hrs 70 hours
5 Elementary Research and Studies 25 hrs 35 hours
Total 380 hrs 1140 hrs

Examination for the Post- certificate course in pediatric nursing examination shall be held on such dates and time as may be laid down by state board/council. The examination shall be written, oral and practical and shall cover the subjects as given in the course.

  1. Theory Examination:
Paper Subjects Internal Assessment External Assessment Total
Paper I Clinical Nursing -I 50 100 150
Paper II Clinical Nursing -II 50 100 150
Paper III Teaching and Elementary Research and Statistics 25 75 100
Paper IV Supervision and Management 25 75 100
Total 150 350 500
  1. Oral and Practical Examination:
Subjects Internal Assessment External Assessment Total
Clinical Nursing 100 100 200

Conditions to appear for examination: The candidates must fulfil at least 100% of the attendance in clinical areas and at least 75 % of attendance of theory lecture in each subject in order to appear for the examination. However, 100% practical requirements in terms of hours and activities must be completed before or after the examination. The diploma shall not be awarded until the candidate has complete the course requirements